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Breakthrough Plasma to target the digital display market

Wiesbaden, Germany – 17th June 2009. Panasonic Corporation announced today its 85-inch plasma display as part of its new 12 series range which incorporates NeoPDP technology for high-image quality in full HD. The company will release it globally through commercial routes in autumn this year.

The new plasma display features a screen size equivalent to four 42-inch panels and despite this size the NeoPDP technology offers twice the brightness efficiency of previous models with less power consumption and without compromising on image quality.

Enrique Robledo, Panasonic’s Plasma Marketing Manager said: “With the launch of the 85” Plasma, Panasonic will continue leading in the large format display market. Together with the new developments in plasma technology we are fully supporting the requirements for screen sizes over 42”. With increased demand for larger displays, especially across events and rental, retail and leisure spaces, we are seeing growing opportunities within fashion, casino and cinema industries We have the widest range of displays for signage applications proving our commitment to plasma technology and to working with specialist partners providing a complete display solution”

NeoPDP also offers the world’s highest (*1) moving image resolution of 1,080 lines (*2) and a contrast ratio of 40,000:1. The high end specifications allow highly realistic and powerful high-quality video on a slim-line display that has been reduced to a thickness of only 99 mm. The weight of each unit has been reduced to less than 130kg (70% weight reduction compared to the current 103” model) making the product extremely flexible for transport and installation.

“This innovative display is an extremely strategic product for us, by closing the size gap between our 65" and 103" plasmas, we are able to cement our position as market leader for large format displays, “ said Robledo. “Based on discussions with key partners, the 85” should be able to obtain revenue double that of our current 65” model in its introduction period. It strongly supports the industry for digital OOH with the size of the display matching that of a traditional 6 sheet poster which consumers are used to.”

The increased brightness provided by NeoPDP ensures the display draws attention from passers by and the faithful colour reproduction will be welcomed by those who are frustrated with displays not reproducing their expensive digital content how it was intended.

Panasonic have ensured the display is not just a new size, but a complete solution supported by all the accessories which the rest of the range is famous for. Interactive touch panel, lifting and transportation systems and all the interchangeable input boards offering a flexible product package.

“Increased functionality and technical improvements through NeoPDP makes the new 12 series perfect for out of home signage. The Plasma has a number of practical advantages over other digital display formats, such as lower power consumption rates, greater reliability as well as much longer life-time; currently more than four times longer than other display technologies, said Matteo Riva, Display Application Manager explains.”It offers more vibrant colour, higher contrast and deeper blacks. The higher response rates eliminate movement blur, for example, on signage tickers and scroll bars you get on newsfeeds and information channels.”

The new plasmas are equipped with LAN terminals that support “LAN control”, which allows the display to be remotely controlled. In addition Panasonic offers unique function slots into which up to three interchangeable terminal boards(*3) can be inserted offering a high degree of expandability and covering a wide variety of commercial customer needs, from interactive public display to video-conferencing.

Main features

1. Powerful 85-inch large screen
The newly developed 85-inch fully high-definition plasma displays feature a screen size equivalent to four 42-inch panels or a projector screen or a white board, which is generally used in meeting or class rooms. Furthermore, with their wide viewing angle and high contrast available only on PDPs, they will enable realistic and powerful presentations or TV conferences to be carried out. When installed vertically, the screens are capable of displaying full-sized images of people. With a large 85-inch and high-quality display, the products can be used as effective electronic billboards, which will attract attention from distant locations.
2. The “NeoPDP” technology with doubled illuminance efficiency has achieved high image quality and a display thickness of 99 mm.
As part of periodic technological innovations such as new materials, cell structures, drive systems, etc., the products incorporate “NeoPDP” technologies that have doubled the illuminance efficiency. With the world’s highest(*1) moving image resolution of 1,080 lines(*2) that has been achieved, the details and texture of moving objects can be depicted realistically and clearly even in fast-moving scenes, thanks to the high levels of precision available only with full high-definition displays. By reducing the pre-discharge that causes insufficient blackening and increasing the peak luminance, these displays realize “jet-black” presentation and greater brightness, with the world’s highest(*1) contrast of 40,000:1(*4) (2,000,000:1(*5) at a maximum).
Furthermore, the improvement in illuminance efficiency has enabled components to be miniaturized and integrated. As a result, the thickness of these large rugged 85-inch screens has been reduced to 99 mm (reduced by 30 mm in comparison with the current 103-inch models). The installation properties have been improved by reducing the weight per inch by approximately 30% in comparison with that of 103-inch models (by approximately 40% in terms of total weight).
3. Expandability
This model supports the “PJLink”(*7) LAN control, compliant with projector industry standard specifications, to further improve responsiveness for system construction. This system has been adopted to enable the configuration of systems with combined video units and allows the display to be remotely controlled and the status of power on/off, information of selected menu and input signals etc., to be checked via a network. The products are equipped with Panasonic’s unique function slots, which accept up to three terminal boards(*3) depending on customer needs, supports various interfaces such as DVI, Dual Link, and HD-SDI, and has an expandability that allows displays to be customized according to the operating environment.
*1: As of June 17, 2009. Based on an investigation by Panasonic.
*2: Moving image resolution is a measure of the display detail that can be differentiated with the human eye expressed quantitatively. (Obtained with the Advanced PDP Development Centre (APDC) measurement method.)
*3: Terminal boards other than those supplied as standard (different depending on the area) are optional. *4: At the Orange County Convention Centre from June 17 to 19, 2009.
*5: Contrast in dark conditions that can be expressed simultaneously on one screen
*6: Ratio of the white luminance to the black luminance on the entire screen
*7: The unified standards to operate and manage data projectors
Screen size(Diagonal)                   85 inch(2,160 mm)
Aspect ratio                                 16:9
Effective Display Area(W x H)     1,889 x 1,062 mm
Resolution(W × H)                     1920 ×1,080 pixels
Contrast                                     40,000:1
Dimensions(W×H×D)                   2,015 x 1,195 x 99mm
Weight                                        Approx. 130 kg

About Panasonic

Panasonic Corporation is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of electronic products for a wide range of consumer, business, and industrial needs. Based in Osaka, Japan, the company recorded consolidated net sales of 7.77 trillion yen (US$78.4 billion) for the year ended March 31, 2009. The company`s shares are listed on the Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and New York (NYSE: PC) stock exchanges.
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The Professional Projectors and Displays Europe (PPDE) Business Unit of Panasonic is part of the Panasonic Audio Visual Company Systems Europe (PAVCSE), a division of Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH. The company is a leader in the development of video formats and core products for broadcast and professional AV, including camera recorders, video recorders, monitors and mixers. PPDE encompasses a range of plasma and projector products for professional installation and business applications.
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