Redactie AV & Domotica | 06 april 2009
(Ingezonden mededeling)

SIEGENIA-AUBI joins the Z-Wave Alliance and adds ventilation systems to the product portfolio

Copenhagen, 06 April, 2009 – Sleeping with the windows open in order to let in fresh air is a luxury many urban dwellers can only dream of since street noise and fumes are likely to disturb a good night’s sleep. However, SIEGENIA-AUBI, a manufacturer of intelligent ventilation systems and the latest addition to the Z-Wave Alliance, provides relief in such circumstances as its AEROPAC sound-absorbing ventilator can quietly provide rooms with a steady supply of fresh air. With Z-Wave technology, the device can also be combined with the SENSOAIR air quality sensor to form a ventilation system that informs residents of the air quality and which can improve it if required.

People usually only realise that the air quality is poor when the highest recommended levels for harmful substances have already been exceeded by far. Problems faced by many people living in cities are the constant background noise and the levels of pollutants in the air. As a result, windows remain closed and polluted or stale air is breathed in.

The AEROPAC acts as fresh air generator that absorbs sounds from outside and which also works very quietly itself, meaning that it can even be operated at night. The device filters incoming air and thereby provides protection from environmental pollutants. A user-friendly digital display allows the temperature and humidity to be read and adjusted. Furthermore, the energy consumed by AEROPAC is minimal.

Intelligent home ventilation system

The ventilator can communicate with other devices via Z-Wave, thereby making it an integral part of a domestic ventilation system. When used in combination with SENSOAIR, it allows residents to automatically maintain air quality at a consistently high level. The sensor can easily be fitted to a wall anywhere in the building and displays the current air quality by means of a ventilation traffic light system. If the air quality is too low, SENSOAIR can automatically transmit a command to AEROPAC to activate its ventilation system.

New component in the home network

The inclusion of SIEGENIA-AUBI means that the Z-Wave home network can now provide a completely new element in its portfolio of products for improved living conditions. Raoul Wijgergangs, Chairman of the Z-Wave Alliance, states: “This adds the interesting area of ventilation systems to the range of Z-Wave solutions. These allow consumers to further enhance the healthiness of their home environments in a convenient and energy-saving manner. We are very pleased to welcome SIEGENIA-AUBI, an innovative business with pioneering technology, to the Z-Wave Alliance.”

“Joining the Z-Wave Alliance is an important strategic step for us as it integrates our products into a holistic concept for intelligent and energy-efficient domestic networks,” comments Christian Thomas, Head of Product Management Ventilation and Building Technology at SIEGENIA-AUBI. “We have been impressed by Z-Wave technology due to its high level of interoperability, low energy consumption and the considerable range of products available.” The Alliance’s portfolio includes over 300 products from more than 170 manufacturers for the wireless networking of green energy systems for entertainment, security, lighting, HVAC, comfort and locks.


The SIEGENIA-AUBI group - Concentrated expertise for maximum customer benefit The companies in the SIEGENIA-AUBI group have been enjoying national and international success with innovative products for the intelligent facade for decades. The group not only incorporates SIEGENIA-AUBI, the international expert for fitting, ventilation and building technology, but also KFV, the German market leader for multipoint locks.

Product development at the highest level

A significant cornerstone of the success is down to "solutions inside" – holistic solutions at the highest level for a contemporary and future way of life – for which the company utilises its extensive experience in the construction and manufacturing of high-quality products. The result is impressive: a broad spectrum of solutions which satisfy the increasing demand for economic processing in the industry as well as providing maximum benefits for the end users in every respect. For further informations visit

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