SmX ProPanels

Redactie AV & Domotica | 26 maart 2009
(Ingezonden mededeling)
The ProPanels answer the long asked question; "How can I mask my screen when I don`t have the budget for an automated masking system?". The SmX ProPanels are the inexpensive fixed masking panels solution that can be used in conjunction with the SmX ProLine and ProCurv fixed screens.

• Increases perceived contrast by precisely masking off annoying black bars
• Creates an immersive viewing experience unlike unmasked screens
• Available in audio transparent or solid
• The worlds blackest masking panels
• Available for flat and curved screens up to 180" wide
• MSRP $299.95 per set

Benefits of Masking

The ProPanels increase perceived contrast by precisely masking off those annoying black/grey bars in the unused portion of your projection screen while viewing projected content that isn`t the same aspect ratio as your native screen. The ProPanels also create a sharp black border around your projected image which immerses the audience into the projected content unlike unmasked projected content. One of the natural beauties of the ProPanel is that it seamlessly integrates into our ProLine and ProCurv fixed screens. The ProLine and ProCurv are the only two fixed screens in the industry that offer this option.
The ProPanels simply slide into a track that is located in between the face of the screen frame and the screen surface which eliminates unwanted shadowing caused by the projected content.

Black Hole Masking

It is extremely important to have the absolute blackest masking to do the job and here is why. When you are watching dark projected content such as night scenes and space scenes in movies or television that is masked off, the lighter colored mask panels (shown below) are still visible. If the purpose of having a masking system is to mask of the projected black bars but you can still see them, then the masking system is not serving its purpose. Our black hole audio transparent and solid mask panels are completely non existent in dark scenes. Why does this matter? The projectors unused projected black bars get masked off by these mask panels. Even though the projector is not suppose to be projecting light in this unused black area, light still gets through. In order to effectively take advantage of the perceived increase of contrast that masking offers, the mask panels need to completely absorb that strayed light and disappear.

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