Sony NEC Optiarc brander

Redactie AV & Domotica | 28 oktober 2007 | Sony
Sony NEC Optiarc Europe GmbH (Optiarc Europe) has launched a DVD burner with LightScribe™ technology. The Optiarc AD-7191S burns DVD+/-R media at up to 20x speed. The LightScribe™ Label System enables the individual labelling and design of home-burned CD and DVD.

The AD-7191S has a serial ATA interface for data transfer rates of up to 150 MB per second. It burns single DVD media at up to 20x DVD speed, rewritable and dual layer DVDs at up to 8x speed and DVD-RAMS at up to a maximum of 12x DVD speed.

LightScribe™ – for the fast labelling of home-burned CDs and DVDs
Innovative LightScribe™ technology simplifies labelling for both archiving purposes and for the creative design of home-burned CDs and DVDs. It eliminates the need for complex adhesive labelling systems and considerably enhances the durability of the media because, especially in the case of DVD’s, the application of a label can make the medium unreadable.

LightScribe™ delivers high image quality, achieved with 256 brightness shades. LightScribe™ is suitable for use on any media with a writable LightScribe™ label side.
Optiarc Europe has also launched the IDE version with the same writing and reading performance that goes by the name of AD-7191A.

The Optiarc Europe AD-7191S and AD-7191A are on sale now.

About Sony NEC Optiarc Inc./Sony NEC Optiarc Europe GmbH
Sony NEC Optiarc Inc. serves the global optical disc drive market with its innovative and high quality products. It was established as a joint venture company by Sony Corporation (55%) and NEC Corporation (45%) in 2006, with approximately 415 employees and its headquarter located in Tokyo, Japan. The European headquarter of Sony NEC Optiarc Inc. is Sony NEC Optiarc Europe GmbH located in Ismaning, nearby Munich, Germany.