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Martin Logan Vista

Redactie | 18 maart 2006 | Martin Logan

(ingezonden mededeling)

Na de Summit en Vantage introduceert Martin Logan nu een derde nieuwe luidspreker, de Martin Logan Vista™ .

Hieronder vindt u het originele (engelstalige) persbericht:

MartinLogan® Vista™ Floorstanding Loudspeaker

A stellar performer at an exceptional price - offering unparalleled sonic purity, precision, clarity, and openness

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Lawrence, Kansas, March 2006 - MartinLogan, the Loudspeaker Technology Company, announced today the introduction of the new Vista™ loudspeaker. The result of years of research, the new Vista™ hybrid electrostatic loudspeaker features advanced technological developments, dramatically reducing cabinet size and establishing new standards for efficiency, dynamics and precision in a floor-standing loudspeaker.

Vista’s™ Features Include:

  • XStat™ Electrostatic Transducer featuring:
    • Ultra-Rigid AirFrame™ Technology
    • Advanced Vacuum Bonding
    • MicroPerf Stators
    • ClearSpar™ technology
    • CLS™ (Curvilinear Line Source)
  • High-Resolution 8-inch Aluminum Cone Woofer
  • Precision Performance Crossover Engineering

Incorporating ultra-high-resolution XStat™ and AirFrame™ technologies originally developed for the Summit speaker, Vista is capable of an exceptionally dynamic and realistic performance. An aluminum cone woofer, super-dense compact cabinet, Energy Transfer Coupler spikes, and bi-wirable toolless binding posts further reinforce Vista’s high-end pedigree. The result? A stellar performer at an exceptional price.

Key to Vista’s performance is MartinLogan’s advanced XStat electrostatic panel, which covers most of the audible range (from the midrange to beyond the limit of human hearing) with unprecedented accuracy, low-level sonic detail, and efficiency. A perfectly integrated, MartinLogan engineered 8-inch aluminum cone woofer supplies an authoritative bass performance with extreme precision.

MartinLogan’s state-of-the-art custom toroidal audio transformer and crossover engineering ensure an absolutely transparent link from amplifier to electrostatic panel and woofer. Using polypropylene capacitors and MartinLogan’s own air-core coils, Vista’s crossover employs MartinLogan’s proprietary Vojtko topology for vanishingly low distortion and seamless driver integration. This precision-tuned network preserves even the minutest sonic nuances while handling the full dynamics of any source with unparalleled purity, precision, clarity, and openness.

XStat™ Transducer and Ultra Rigid AirFrame™ Enhance Electrostatic Purity
Revealing every subtle nuance of recorded sound with unflinching accuracy, Vista’s ultra rigid AirFrame and curvilinear XStat electrostatic transducer reveal a magical performance with precision, dynamics and three-dimensional sound staging—all from an extremely compact stat panel.

Housed within a radical, ultra-rigid, extruded aluminum and composite AirFrame™, Vista’s™ CLS™ (Curvilinear Line Source) XStat™ transducer builds upon the legacy of MartinLogan`s electrostatic heritage. The integration of exotic toroidal transformer engineering and an electrical interface technology developed by MartinLogan`s Statement™ e2 engineering team extends effortless dynamics and purity resulting in the highest sonic standards of efficiency and precision.

MicroPerf stator technology, featured in Vista’s XStat™ transducer, maximizes playable area in each panel. The Vista™ loudspeaker boasts an XStat™ electrostatic transducer with a playable area equal to that of a traditional electrostatic transducer nearly twice its size.

Further enhancing efficiency and dynamics as well as MartinLogan’s trademark transparency, rigid ClearSpars™ spacers (originally engineered for the cost-no-object Statement™ e2) allow XStat™ transducers to maintain an extremely uniform tension of the diaphragm during critical panel construction processes, permitting critical stator and diaphragm spacing within an exact tolerance.

Ultimate Crossover - Ultimate Clarity
Featuring an advanced proprietary Vojtko™ crossover topology derived from the Statement™ e2 loudspeaker, Vista’s crossover utilizes only the finest of components and construction techniques to assure the cleanest, most precise signal path possible. The resulting precision crossover flawlessly preserves every sonic subtlety while effortlessly handling the broadest range of dynamics contained within even the most demanding sonic source.

Variety of Finish Options
Vista features a variety of real wood veneers with multiple layers of hand-rubbed lacquer.

Toolless Binding Posts Simplify Connections
The Vista is supplied with bi-wire, high-resolution, proprietary toolless binding posts for effortless cable attachment and management.

Energy Transfer Coupler (ETC) Spikes Maximize Low Frequency Performance
To further enhance Vista’s performance, sturdy ETC™ spikes are provided for tighter, better defined bass, cleaner micro dynamic resolution, and improved imaging and focus.