Onkyo introduceert CS120

Redactie | 27 augustus 2005 | Onkyo

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Onkyo introduceert een nieuw minisysteem met High End aspiraties en volledige compatibiliteit met de Apple iPod.

Onkyo CS120

Hieronder het engelstalig persbericht:

Many consumers refuse to accommodate bulky separates but still insist on high quality, no-compromise audio quality. Onkyo has come up with a solution for them in the svelte form of the CS-120, a micro CD/receiver system purpose designed to set new benchmarks for audio quality in its sector.

Supplied with Onkyo D-N5FX speakers the CR-305FX CD-receiver (just 120mm wide) at the system`s heart sports a host of technologies normally only found in Onkyo high quality separates amplifiers plus a genuinely useful roster of features…

Significantly, this product also includes full iPod compatibility (via optional Onkyo DSA1 dock) Most importantly, however, this package (available in black or silver with matching speakers) sounds utterly musical. Achieving maximum sound quality and involvement were the number one priorities in its development… and it shows. Bass control, midrange accuracy, treble sweetness and timing are unparalleled at its price. Here`s what makes this system so unique.

CR-305FX CD-Receiver:

  • 20w RMS x 2 (measured at 4 ohms, 1 kHz, at no more than 1 per cent THD)
    This is a conservative figure measured at a real-world distortion level unlike certain competing micro
    CD/receiver products…
  • Quality CD player. 20-track Memory Playback, Random playback, Repeat playback. Uses a single-bit D/A converter with
    8x oversampling and low-jitter.
  • 30-preset RDS (PS) AM/FM tuner. Press the Memory button and the 30 strongest stations will be automatically stored in memory.
  • Remote Interactive (RI) system remote control. This remote control will operate other RI-compatible Onkyo components that you might wish to add to the system. Each source - CD, MD, CD-R and Tape - is allocated its own dedicated controls on the remote… there`s no confusing `doubling up` of button functions.
  • Apple iPod-compatibility.As well as allowing other RI-equipped components to be controlled via the receivers’ remote control, the
    CR-305FX is compatible with the new Onkyo DS-A1 iPod dock (optional). This allows owners of recent iPods to operate their device via the CR-305FX’s remote control, as well as listen to their music via the receiver. Usefully, the dock also charges the iPod and owners of iPod Photo models can even view images stored on their device by routing the dock’s S-video output to their TV/projector.
  • High quality Discrete Output stage circuitry. Separate (discrete) transistors in the output stage provide better cooling, giving long-term
    reliability and superior audio quality… even if you choose to use floorstanding loudspeakers. To hold down costs, most competitors instead use weak IC hybrid power stages, along with skimpy power supplies.
  • WRAT (Wide Range Amplifier Technology). WRAT eliminates the adverse effects of counter-electromotive force by applying the optimum minimal amount of NFB (negative feedback), using carefully selected, high-tolerance, wide-range parts in all critical sections, and incorporating innovative circuit topology based upon decades of high-end amplifier-design experience. The result is a flat response to 50kHz…
  • 4-Mode Acoustic Presence and Super Bass. Unless you activate this control (signified with a single blue LED) the CR-305FX is working in its default `direct` mode for maximum sound quality.
  • Three Analogue audio inputs/outputs for Tape, MD and CD-R. Most competing products offer just two sets of analogue  inputs/outputs… the CR-305FX sports three.
  • Optical digital output. Allows direct transmission of digital audio signals for dubbing onto MD or CD-R.
  • 3-Mode timer (Weekday, Weekend, Rec). Many micro system timers don`t distinguish between weekdays and weekends, when you`ll probably want to stay in bed longer. The CR-305FX`s does…
  • Other features. Headphone jack; Motor-driven volume control; Aluminium front panel; subwoofer pre-out; 2 x 1.8m high
    quality audio grade cable

D-N5FX 2-Way Bass Reflex Loudspeakers

OMF (ONKYO Micro Fibre Diaphragm)
These loudspeakers use ONKYO Micro Fibre (OMF) speaker cones, considered to be one of the major recent advances in driver design. Utilizing pure cotton weave, OMF cones feature excellent vibration absorbing characteristics and a thin yet rigid flexing diaphragm which results in an extremely fast and accurate transient response (the cone’s ability to quickly start and stop).

All of this adds up to improved midrange clarity and pin-point imaging, for an astonishingly vivid, natural sound. Listen and be prepared to jettison all your prejudices…

  • 120mm OMF diaphragm woofer
  • 20mm balanced dome tweeter
  • Magnetically shielded for near TV use
  • 70w Max Input Power
  • 50hz-40kHz response
  • MDF cabinet