Vienna Acoustics

Over Vienna Acoustics

Vienna Acoustics loudspeakers are the embodiment of our passion, our self-realization brought to life in loudspeakers that bend technology to the service of music. The cabinets contribution to natural sound is of major importance; thats why Vienna Acoustics devote so much care and so many development resources to its construction. All of their designs feature carefully curved, narrow baffles. Theyre actually intended to minimise early reflections and edge diffraction, but at the same time they result in cool European design – this timeless and simple elegance is not only easy to integrate into your living room, but Vienna Acoustics speakers are in reality pieces of fine furniture of which you can be proud.

At Vienna Acoustics, only the development and selection of drivers comes close to the time and effort dedicated to crossovers and their homogeneous interaction with the drivers. A crossover contains lots of components, each with its own independent and characteristic sound, which results in countless possible sound combinations. Additionally, every little part that is changed in a loudspeaker affects the whole sound dramatically.

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