Rudistor RP8K-VT - DEMO - State of the art Headphone Hybride versterker

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Categorie Hoofdtelefoon versterker
Type RP8K-VT
Serienummer DEMO
Conditie Lichte gebruikssporen
Bouwjaar 2015
Geplaatst op 30-05-2020


Tegen elk aannemelijk bod!


Topklasse Headphone hybride versterker

Transparant, ongekende precisie en realiteit.

Nieuwprijs is 4.050 euro

• This is something really new, although as an E-OTL it take advantages from our long experience in this kind of design topology, starting from the 2005 made RP4 up to now.

In the years many thing are changed and we refined our design, this time we also made some
Really innovative solutions without go far from our tradition.
And for what we believe to be the best E-OTL you can dream, we have designed the best possible case.
A minimalist look made from a single block of aluminum CNC engraved make the case a solid and fascinating unibody, with many advantage not only from look but even in general quality mechanical and electronics. No vibrations, heavy shield from external EM interference and great heating dissipation, are some of them. When assembled the RP8K-VT is like a solid metal brick.

• From the VT input stage to power SS there are no coupling capacitor, this eliminate a contaminating component, and assure a transfer of signal in the best and less contaminated way. IF we consider the direct coupling plus the total absence of negative feed-back (a circuital solution that make easy the design and tuning but introduce negative effects like artifact and impurity at medium to high frequencies) then you can understand our great attention to sound quality.

• How a relatively simple electronic circuit, like in 8K, we was able to obtain so great performances?
Simple: we try to make always the circuits as simple as possible near to the theoretical ideal circuit design. Less manipulation to sound, and better is the result. This in the real world is not always simple to obtain and the manufacturers prefer adopt solutions (like feed back or coupling capacitors between stages) that make life simple.
Our solution is : to make the circuit as simple as possible, and reach the high performance by an accurate design and an obsessive selection of components.

• The SS power stage, directly coupled to input stage is the power stage (called also current stage) this stage give current to the output and have not to interfere to the sound quality. We adopted a Bipolar Transistor in current mirror solution. This is totally transparent to sound quality but give to signal a great current. This make possible to couple to 8K any load from 8 to infinite Ohm. Have a great current at output mean more solid basses, great punch, and great dynamics.

• What was our goal? To design and make an amplifier with all the great feature of vacuum tube amplifiers jointed to an high current SS output, in order to have great transparency, silk mid-highs, solid deep and energetic basses. All this enclosed in a luxury look box made by a single engraved brick of avio aluminum. The result is the RP8K-VT.

Technology Hybrid 4 x DoubleTubes (16 triode sections) and biploar Transistors
Class of working
Power Supply Transfrormer plus double capacitance multiplier PSU and 2 RC filter
Maximum Output swing (Vpp) 19 Vpp
Bandwith at +/- < 0.05 dB 2 Hz to 100 Khz
THD at (3Vpp~1Vrms, 1 KHz, 32 ?) 0,10%
Output impedance (on headphone jack) 16 ohm to infinite
Input impedance 22khm-47Khm
Slew Rate 0,11V/uSec
Max Gain 12 dB
S/N weighted "A" at 20Cent. After 30` -120 dB
Construction material Unibody, single block of avional engraved
Size: Large, Deep, High (mm) 240.0 - 300.0 - 112.0
Weight (Kg) 8,0
Operating voltage 100 to 240 must be specified on order
Consumption A 85 VA
In line from 2015
N° of Input 1 pair RCA
N° of Output (line signal) 1 pair RCA
N° of headphone output (Jack 6.5 mm) 1


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