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The products include a PC-based home control management system, dimmers, light as well as multi-functional switches, energy saving modules, PIR sensors and a sophisticated remote control. Through the use of these products the company addresses the needs of both home and apartment owners and tenants who want to control their homes remotely, enjoy lower energy consumption, increase security, or generally advance comfort and convenience. All products will be available from September 2007 and the INNOVUS starter package will be offered at a very reasonable cost – 199 Euro.

With MYHOME, INNOVUS is introducing a GUI (graphical user interface) based dwelling control system that can easily configure any of the Z-Wave devices and control of processes via PC or laptop computer. After connecting the HOUSE CONTROL BOX to a WLAN (wireless local area network - which is just the linking of one or two computers without using wires) or LAN (local area network) router different Z-Wave devices can be configured or commands defined. Thus, the user is provided with a comfortable and intuitive home management system, supporting different settings such as light, heating, air conditioning, multimedia, energy saving, and security devices. An integrated calendar function also provides for easy adjustment of settings. And in combination with the battery operated radiator thermostats from Danfoss, a significant reduction of heating costs can be achieved.

The INNOVUS RAone Smart Dimmer, which includes a finger touch panel supporting many different light scenarios, can be used for numerous applications. For example time-controlled, incremental reduction of light intensity in a child’s bedroom or in hallways The Smart Dimmer can be operated from different remotes such as Bang & Olufsen, Logitech 895, or INNOVUS’ SmoothRemote. It features an integrated power meter that measures the energy consumption of the lamps thereby helping to reduce energy bills.
The INNOVUS Smart Switch multi-functional controller offers a compact mini distribution center for the home. This switch can also be configured via MYHOME and provides for the operation of up to 16 functions or processes.
All configurations can be simply set, changed or added to via MYHOME. This wireless, battery operated multi-functional controller can be located anywhere in the house and can be fixed via and adhesive backing on to brickwork, wood and even glass surfaces.

INNOVUS RAone SmartPower also enables further reduction of energy consumption. This model is an on/off switch, designed to reduce consumption in devices consuming energy in standby mode and features a finger touch panel for local control. Like the RAone SmartDimmer it is also equipped with an internal power meter, enabling measurement of energy consumption of those devices connected to the switch.
In order to further increase home security and comfort, INNOVUS has developed a Z-Wave based advanced battery operated movement sensor. By integrating the movement sensor into the Z-Wave system and thereby exchanging information directly with the home control system, this PIR sensor can not only be used in security related applications, but also help to decrease energy usage and increase comfort and convenience in the home.
The Z-Wave product portfolio of the company is completed with the INNOVUS SmoothRemote which enables easy operation - from the sofa - of all features of all INNOVUS devices as well as other Z-Wave devices offered by third-party vendors. Potential applications are unlimited. For example, lights in the entire house can be switched on or off from the living room when watching TV; unnecessary standby usage of devices eliminated by switching them off, or room temperature can be lowered or increased based on the room`s occupation. All processes are easily and comfortably controlled via the INNOVUS House Control System.
All INNOVUS devices are compatible with products of other companies within the Z-Wave Alliance including Merten, Danfoss, Logitech, or ACT who use the Z-Wave standard within their solutions. Currently more than 170 Z-Wave based products are already available on the international market. INNOVUS is deeply involved in energy saving initiatives of the Danish Energy Saving Trust (DEST – Elsparefonden) and other prestigious international programs.
INNOVUS help enterprises, public institutions and private individuals to an optimal exploitation of existing technologies. We create simplicity, cost savings and more value for all. We are experts at home automation and can give you full control of your home through a number of products that make your everyday life a little easier and a lot more secure. INNOVUS` solutions make it possible to get a precise picture of energy consumption at all levels through our central Energy Management Solutions. We offer invaluable information for use in planning and collaboration work.

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About Z-Wave® and Zensys
Z-Wave is a proven, interoperable wireless mesh networking technology that is the standard in wireless home control. Z-Wave brings many benefits to everyday life including remote home monitoring, safety and security, and energy conservation by controlling a wide array of home devices including lighting, appliances, HVAC, entertainment, and more. Developed by Zensys, Z-Wave certified products are currently available from leading consumer brands in more than 100 products. Z-Wave is the recipient of the 2006 Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award in the wireless category, the CNET “Best of CES Award” in the enabling technologies category, along with PC World’s 2006 World Class Award, which recognizes the 100 best technologies and products of the year. For more information about Z-Wave and Zensys, please visit or
About the Z-Wave Alliance
Formed in January 2005, the Z-Wave Alliance is a consortium of leading companies in the home technology space dedicated to solidifying Z-Wave as the standard for wireless home control products. The principal members include Cooper, Danfoss, Intel, Intermatic, Leviton, Monster, Wayne-Dalton, Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI) and Zensys.  Its members lead the home controls market, providing leading edge products and systems that deliver increased comfort, convenience, safety and security. Z-Wave technology is the foundation of all products manufactured by the Alliance members.

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