Nieuwe Sara K. uit op SACD

Redactie | 23 maart 2006 | B&W

(van de redactie)

Eindelijk! De nieuwe (SA)CD van Sara K. is uit. Na het succesvolle Water Falls brengt het audiofiele label Stockfisch weer met een fantastisch opgenomen album uit. Dit keer op hybride meerkanaals SACD, welke uiteraard ook op normale CD-speler af te spelen is.

Trouble (In Your Eyes)
Curtain Calls
Fish Outta Water
Something More
Hell Or High Water
I Can`t Stand The Rain
Set You Free
Streetlight`s On
Ship In A Bottle

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I begin this note with some words for the weary. "Hang in there".

It`s late Fall/early Winter here in New Mexico. Santa Fe is getting too crowded so we`re in the process of moving to the edge of town. It appears the whole world is getting very crowded sometimes. And usually, where there`s a crowd, there`s chaos.

While our society is continually preoccupied with reaching behind the scenes and tilting the machine in order to win, we still seem to know little about the game of life itself ~ what`s really going on. We know there`s global warming and conflicts of power and religion. War, Wall Street and Wal-mart.

The whole gamblin` theory still applies, it seems. You play the hand you`re dealt. Luck of the draw, don`t cheat unless you can afford to get caught. My grandmother had a wooden plaque on her wall that said "Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed". Country Buddhism at its finest.

It`s bothering everyone who has a mind or credit history or future plans. It makes people ride each other`s bumpers and shoot obscene gestures into the sky. But, for now, just for today, I need to ignore it. I need to stop worrying about the price of oil and just drive.

I know that love is the backbone of truth in life. I don`t know why I know this, I just know it. And none of us are left behind. We`re still here.

This CD is dedicated to our buddies that have gone on to the Next World. More specifically, Chris Jones, Eric Larson, Rick Nafey, our lovely Liz Beth and Tessa.......

I love you and thank you for being here ~ in my heart, you always will be.

~ Sara K.

Sara K. vocals, 4-string guitar
Chris Jones guitar, dobro
Bruce Dunlap guitar
Christian Willisohn piano
Brian O´Connor flutes
Hrolfur Vagnsson accordion
Michael Kleinhans tuba
Grischka Zepf electric bass
Michel Poffet double bass
Hans-Jörg Maucksch fretless bass
Beo Brockhausen saxophones, harpsichord, low whistle, tin-whistle, ocarina, fujara, autoharp, kalimba, glass harp, kantele, percussion