DTS-HD premiere met PMC

Redactie | 06 februari 2006

(ingezonden mededeling)

Tijdens de CES in Las Vegas vond de wereldpremiere van DTS-HD Master Audio plaats. De daarbij gegeven demonstraties maakten gebruik van surround in 7.1 discrete kanalen, allen volledig identiek aan de Master soundstrack.

Luidsprekers waren de PMC BB5-XBD actieve luidsprekers voor de drie voorkanalen en PMC MB2 luidsprekers voor de zij- en achterkanalen.

Hieronder het volledige engelstalige persbericht.  

The world’s premiere of DTS-HD with PMC

This years CES saw another worlds first involving PMC in the form of the launch of launch of DTS-HD Master Audio. The stunning demonstrations involved high definition video content with 7.1 discrete channels of surround which is bit-for-bit identical to the master soundtrack. Playback was via the PMC flagship BB5-XBD Active (L,C,R) and the side and rear channels of MB2 individually powered by Bryston 7B SST ‘C-Series‘ mono blocks.

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The running demonstrations wowed the crowds with over sixty seats filled every 20 minutes during the 4 day show. The stunning demo will included clips of major Hollywood feature films, concert videos and music videos seen and heard for the first time in both high definition video and audio. The program soundtrack was produced by Illustrious UK, which combines the talents of Martyn Ware (The Human League, Heaven 17) and Vince Clarke (Erasure, Yaz), who have become two of the most in-demand surround sound producers in the UK today.