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Redactie | 20 september 2005 | Bose

Bose introduceert QuietComfort 2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling hoofdtelefoons. Deze bijzondere hoofdtelefoon is uitsluitend verkrijgbaar via de Bose shop (zie telefoonnummer onder aan dit bericht of ga naar

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September, 2005

BOSE QuietComfort 2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones

EDAM - The QuietComfort® 2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones from Bose, combine the same noise reduction and comfortable fit that transformed the headphone category, with improved audio performance, ease-of-use and convenience. 

“We set new standards when developing the QuietComfort 2 headphones,” said Sean Garrett, general manager of the Bose Noise Reduction Technology Group.  “Our design goals were clear.  We would not compromise the noise reduction or comfortable fit of the original, we would apply technology to improve audio performance, and we would make accessing high-quality sound with fewer distractions even easier.  This fusion of benefits is simply unavailable from other headphones.”

Improved Audio Performance: Over 20 Years of Research
Bose engineers used more than 20 years of research in on-head audio and noise reduction to improve the sound quality of the QuietComfort 2 headphones.  Proprietary active equalization technology electronically tunes the frequency response of the headphones, ensuring the faithful reproduction of both music and speech. 

The QuietComfort 2 headphones incorporate circuitry that dramatically reduces the noise-floor, a “hiss” commonly found in many electronic audio devices.  This provides a quieter environment to deliver sound, so audio reproduction is cleaner and clearer.

Bose QuietComfort 2 ANC

A proprietary BOSE® TriPort® acoustic headphone structure -- originally used in BOSE aviation headsets for pilots -- dramatically increases the low frequency output of the system, enabling the headphone to remain small and comfortable while delivering deep bass and unsurpassed noise reduction.
With these features, consumers can fully enjoy in-flight entertainment or their own music from practically any portable programming device.  With the roar of the plane engine dramatically reduced, instruments sound as intended, and movie audio can be appreciated and understood -- from simple dialogue, to the nuances of an emotional soundtrack, or the impact of special effects.

The QuietComfort® 2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones eliminate the need for an external battery box.  By reducing the size of the electronics and the number of batteries needed, Bose engineers were able to neatly integrate both into the earcups, with almost an undetectable increase in headphone weight and no increase in earcup size; the earcups actually have a slimmer profile than the original.

For compact storage, the earcups rotate to a flat resting position and fit easily into their carrying case. 

To access connection to audio sources, a single earcup cable replaces the previous double-cable design.  By moving a single wire to one side, cables no longer meet and rest in front of the user.

To further reduce cord interference, the single audio cable is fully detachable for untethered noise reduction.  Once the cable is removed, consumers need only flick a switch on the earcup to activate the patented technology of the QuietComfort 2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones.  Meticulous mechanical design provides simple reattachment when needed for audio playback.

“We tackled design challenges in the QuietComfort 2 headphones to ensure the consumer could appreciate the performance of the product, rather than struggle with the equipment,” explains Garrett.  “Offering noise reduction, great sound and a comfortable fit is critical.  But providing these benefits in an intuitive, more efficient design makes these headphones that much more desirable, that much more versatile.”   
The QuietComfort® headphones were originally designed to make air travel more pleasant.  However, consumers soon discovered other applications where they enjoy using them: in the home, office, or commuting.  In addition, new circuitry improvements reduce the potential for electromagnetic interference when using the headphones near wireless devices such as cell phones, cordless phones and internet networks.  With their new design, the QuietComfort 2 headphones can be more readily adapted for a variety of environments.

Bose Active Noise Reduction: Performance That Redefined the Industry 
The QuietComfort 2 headphones work as an integrated system that combines proprietary, electro-acoustic and ergonomic technologies.  This results in full spectrum noise reduction, similar to Bose’s state-of-the-art military and aviation headsets.

First, the earcups on the headphones cradle the ear in a position that is natural and comfortable to wear, even for extended periods of time. The cushions are soft and pliable, conforming to the contours of the head.  The headphones also automatically adjust to fit the wearer, eliminating the irritation from pressure points.

Through special electronic circuitry, the headphones then actively counteract much of the noise that cannot be eliminated by simply covering the ears.  Microphones in the earcups monitor sound at the user’s ear.  The electronics then identify the unwanted noise and reduce it, while preserving the music, speech, or tranquility desired.  This “correction” process is rapid and continuous in the Bose system, allowing the QuietComfort 2 headphones to react to dynamically changing noise sources.

Bose technological advancements in active noise reduction allow the QuietComfort 2 headphones to deliver the noise reduction and comfortable fit of the original, even after integrating the electronics and battery into the earcups.  While these components occupy valuable space, Bose engineers were able to overcome the resulting challenges so the QuietComfort® 2 headphones deliver the Bose signature “sanctuary,” without enlarging the earcups.

Why Reduce Noise?
In the air and on the ground, the world is noisy.  Passengers in jets typically experience sound pressure levels from 75 to 85 dBA (a “weighted” decibel measurement in the frequency ranges of human hearing).  Commuter turboprops are even noisier, with levels near 90 dBA.  A subway car making a stop measures in at approximately 100 dBA.  And if the levels are not harmful, they can simply be annoying.

The QuietComfort 2 headphones reduce unwanted high and low frequency noise -- from screeches to rumbles -- with dramatic amounts of attenuation across the range of human hearing.

Independent research studies confirm a correlation between noise, human fatigue, and stress symptoms.  Aircraft roar, especially for many hours over a long flight, affects the way people hear and feel.

Bose Corporation has conducted ongoing research and development efforts in active noise reduction for over two decades.  Using the technology of the Acoustic Noise Cancelling headsets, Bose has created headset designs for mission-critical military applications, and for private and commercial pilots around the world.

The QuietComfort 2 headphones will be available in a silver finish and will sell for € 398 (including VAT).  Dutch customers can purchase the QuietComfort 2 headphones by calling the free BOSE Call Center number: 0800-0226980.