Neodio Cd-speler / DAC

610 x bekeken | geplaatst op 3 september 2023

€ 9.000,-


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Type Origine S1
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Geplaatst op 03-09-2023


I am selling the exceptional CD player and converter ORIGINE S1, a must-have for any audiophile. This device offers an exceptionally pure digital listening experience, capturing every micro-detail with absolute fidelity. Its sleek design, inspired by the musical universe, houses a unique mechanical and electronic design.

This technological gem, unparalleled in the market, is crafted from 5 different materials, including copper, Hi-macs, and aluminum, assembled in a multilayer chassis weighing 25 kg. The playback mechanism, remarkably discreet in its operation, is based on a DVD-ROM modified by NEODIO for perfect extraction of micro-signals.

The 24-bit/192 kHz converter utilizes groundbreaking technology, unmatched in the audiophile world. Its second-generation discrete analog clock provides astonishing stability and depth of sound.

ORIGINE S1 features two digital inputs, SPDIF and USB, enabling high-definition streaming playback. Don`t miss the opportunity to acquire this exceptional device to transform your audio experience.

Selling Price: €9,000

Shipping available.