Icon Audio Buizen Eindversterkers MB 25

618 x bekeken | geplaatst op 16 januari 2023

€ 1.299,-


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Categorie Eindversterker
Type Buizen Eindversterkers
Conditie Gebruikt
Geplaatst op 16-01-2023


Set mono buizen eindversterkers met 2x 300B push pull

2x 25W

All hand wired point to point ? No printed circuit board or tag board ? All Triode design ? 2x 300B power triodes ? 1x 6SN7 1st stage valves ? 1x 6SL7 phase splitter valves ? Optional Heater delay to prevent cathode stripping ? 28 Watts RMS per channel ? Signal to noise level -89db ? Freq response 20hz-20khz + or -1db ? Total harmonic distortion 0.2% 1khz ? 4 and 8 ohms output taps ? EI transformers using Japanese Z11 fine grain annealed steel, with low oxygen copper ? Attractive cover included in the price ? Minimal feedback used ? High quality 2&5w metal film resistors ? Blue LED mains indicator ? Polypropylene audio capacitors ? Internal audio wiring using audio grade silver cable ? Valves carefully matched & burnt in ? Ceramic valve holders for minimum leakage ? Centre tapped heater circuit for minimum hum ? Drivers 6.3v heater circuit floated at 60v to minimise heatercathode leakage ? Polished stainless steel chassis ? 10mm solid aluminium front plate ? Gold plated Input & speaker terminals ? 2v input sensitivity. ? ‘Soft Start’ for added protection. ? 240volts, 180watts each ? C E certified ? 180W, 230H (330), 530D (590), 20kg (figures in brackets allow for rear connections & ventilation) (Specifications subject to change. MB25


Studio 107
om 10:00 weer open
Hollanderstraat 107
2517 HJ Den Haag