Purecable speakerMSTR kabel, 2m

172 x bekeken | geplaatst op 13 januari 2022

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Merk Purecable
Categorie Luidsprekerkabels
Type speakerMSTR
Serienummer nvt
Conditie Als nieuw
Bouwjaar 2020
Geplaatst op 13-01-2022


Wegens veranderde opstelling nu te koop, deze zeer fraaie highend luidsprekerkabels: de Purecable speakerMSTR set van 2m lang. De kabel is hier nu te kort helaas.
De kabels zijn aan beide zijden voorzien van de uitstekende ETI Kryo bananen pluggen.

Van de Purcable site:
The cable is made of PC-Triple C copper. The special manufacturing method ensures a very compact structure and fine crystals, which are all oriented in the longitudinal direction, so that optimum conduction takes place. The conductor is made up of 7 bundles of 15 strands of copper of 0.26 mm. This results in a core of 5.575mm² per conductor. The strands are all treated with the natural nano-oil which binds to oxygen and contains microparticles of gold and silver (95% gold/5% silver). Every microscopic unevenness in the copper is filled with the nano-particles, creating more contact points and thus optimal conduction.

The conductors are kept at a proper distance from each other through the use of hollow PE pipes and cotton. All this is wrapped with a high quality Japanese paper wrapper. The cable is therefore optimally protected against vibration influences.

Finished with a hard aluminium PVC splitter.
The ETI-Reseach connectors are milled from one piece of Tellurium copper and then silver plated. Tellurium is the highest quality copper for audio and the silver-plated plating ensures maximum signal transfer.

Betreft de luxe versie met hard aluminium y-splitter!

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