Maxii Energii Lumere

350 x bekeken | geplaatst op 29 november 2021

€ 1.550,-


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Categorie Externe voedingen
Type Maxii Energii Lumere
Serienummer zie document afbeelding
Conditie Als nieuw
Bouwjaar 2020
Geplaatst op 29-11-2021


Een wat vreemde eend als netfilter.
Harmoniseert de ruimte, schermt stoorvelden van buitenshuis af, heeft diverse positieve invloeden op apparaten in het stroomnet, waaronder op audio en video. zie voor meer info oa op Kempelectronics.

Maxii Energii aims at creating a harmonic and energetic environment for humans, plants and animals. Just as important is it to take the energetic condition of buildings seriously, as energy and information are crucial for the development of all life forms. The Maxiimus creates a highly energetic field full of free electrons and negative ions due to its unique technology. This field not only harmonises low and high frequency electrosmog, geopatic disturbances like water veins are also treated. A space full of power and recreation is formed, in which human beings more easily can develop their full potential. The performance of your A/V set will also significantly improve.