icOn4 PRO (Life-Changer Audio UK – Passivepreamp.com)

120 x bekeken | geplaatst op 11 juni 2021

€ 1.850,-


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Type icOn4 PRO SE
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Bouwjaar 2020
Geplaatst op 11-06-2021


icOn4 PRO (Life-Changer Audio UK – Passivepreamp.com)

A passive Preamp with AUTOFORMER COILS with 68 volume steps.
Power supply, manual and Apple remote control. Everthing is present.
Balance, Mute, Night Display Mode, Input etc all activated with a slim Apple Remote
XLR and RCA in- and output. Quality connectors and silver wired (this is a special extra).
No clicking noise and comfortable control.
Unbelievable performance for such a (tiny) device. Read all about this on the internet if you didn’t already. (6moons.com, Hifiknights.com).
Transparent and dynamic, plays with much much costlier pre amps at the same or better level.
This version will be replaced only for the reason that I need two XLR-Balanced in.
The new price around €3000 and there is more then one year warranty on the Pre amp.
My price for this AUDIO GEM : €1850