Fisch AFL Studio Line 6x EU sockets incl. 1x 1.5m power cord, fixed

146 x bekeken | geplaatst op 8 april 2021

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Merk Fisch Audio
Categorie Stekkerdozen
Type Fisch AFL Studio 6x E
Conditie Als nieuw
Bouwjaar 2019
Geplaatst op 08-04-2021


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AFL Studio 6x EU Sockets + 1.5m Power Cord
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Model: Fisch AFL Studio 6x EU PC
Shipping Weight: 5.5kg

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Fisch AFL Studio Line 6x EU sockets incl. 1x 1.5m power cord, fixed.
1,5 meter power cord is al 250 euro waard

The AFL studio line does actually do much more than a conventional power bar. A symmetric input filter protects all connected components against all wire bound distortions, coming from the mains. Particular attention has been paid to keep the wiring resistance as low as possible; as this is a common attribute to all FISCH power bars. That is to ensure that the music never will be limited by any loss of dynamics. The same attention has been paid to the very high frequency range. The interference suppression reaches the gigahertz range. That is important for the attenuation of interferences coursed by mobile phone and other modern wireless services. The necessary filter technology has been adopted from our top of the line model, the “reference line”. Only the “on-site” filter technology made it possible to archive on all outlets the same high frequency attenuation. Not only are the measurement-results outstanding quality; but far more important, the gain in sound quality is impressive. Eventually it is the increase in sonic quality what counts, that is what a good power source is made