MIT magnum M1 bi-wired speakerkabel / luidsprekerkabel 10FT

310 x bekeken | geplaatst op 12 april 2020

€ 1.750,-


Merk MIT
Categorie Luidsprekerkabels
Conditie Als nieuw
Geplaatst op 12-04-2020


MIT magnum M1 high end bi-wired speaker kabel van het Amerikaanse merk MIT, in goede staat. Lengte 10FT / 3M Nieuwprijs 7200 Euro. In orginele doos.

MIT Magnum Series Interfaces —Redefining high-end speaker interfacing –with Oracle technologyThe Magnum Series owes much of its performance and design to MIT’s latest reference interfaces, the Oracle Series.

The Magnum Series utilizes many Oracle network designs in a scaled-down enclosure that provides a new level of performance and convenience, redefining the concept of high-end speaker interfacing. Likoe the Oracle series, the Magnum speaker interfaces feature updated network topology that consolidates all of the networks into one box.

Better BassPowerful, accurate bass has long been a defining characteristic of highfidelity sound reproduction. However, few audiophiles recognize theimportance of the interface in achieving realistic bass. The MIT networks deliver tight, full bass response, with correct rhythm, weight,speed, and tonal accuracy. Magnums deliver bass that is rich and powerful, without the muddy and slow quality that is so often heard withordinary cables.

Clearer midrangeis the heart of superior sound quality. This is where loss of clarity and detail, as well as distortion, become most ap parnt . MIT networks preserve precise articulation across the entire audible range and create a noise-free, velvet-like background . Musical details emerge withastonishing contrast and clarity. As in the bass range, lifelike, accratelly -sized images of instruments and voices are precisely located withrespect to each other, all within a wide, tall , deep soundstage .

Smoother Highs fidelity reproduction is often marred by the harsh, strident trebleoveremphasis generated by ordinary cables. MIT ’s networks create ac curate tonal balance across the spectrum, while eliminating the grainy quality that makes unnatural treble sounds unpleasant. MIT networkswork together to preserve detail,sparkle , and air within a large, d e e psoundstage , creating palpable images of soloists. Thanks to MIT technologies , massed instruments and voices are correctly arrayed in size,as well as location .

Presence , Detail & ClaritySuperior resolution is the hallmark of MIT audio interfacing, providing alifelike image that recreates all of the subtle nuance and detail of therecorded event without the image wandering, wavering , blooming orbecoming unfocused , even under extreme power demands.