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Redactie AV & Domotica | 14 april 2009
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CHIEF Manufacturing is very proud to present its Suspended Ceiling Kit Series

Chief Manufacturing, the industry leader in projector, monitor and flat panel TV mounting solutions, as well as progressive online tools, is excited to present its suspended ceiling kits CMS440 and CMS445. Because of cost savings and installation benefits, every projector installed in a suspended ceiling should make use of one of the kits.


The CMS440 and CMS445 suspended ceiling kits offer a wide range of installer-inspired features. Obstacles - like ducts or air conditionings - blocking a regular ceiling plate installation are no longer a hurdle during the installation. Routing the suspended cables, ventilation systems or air conditioners can easily be bypassed.
Unique features common to Chiefs` suspended ceiling tile kits:
- Flexible and Easy Installation: Provides infinite column placement within a 600mm wide ceiling tile
- Save Costs: Reduce length and number of columns
- Obstacles Can Easily Be Avoided: WireVice™ Cable Suspension System for quick and easy tie-off
- High Weight Capacity: Heavy-duty support, weight cap 22,7kg
- Future Proof: No longer a need for very diverse lengths of columns
- Simplifies Specs: Only height below suspended ceiling is of importance

Future-proof installations by providing post-installation adjustments

With the suspended ceiling replacement tile kit, long columns reaching all the way to the construction ceiling are no longer necessary. This makes the entire installation much easier and more cost effective. Due to the pre and post installation features, less items / products are required to complete the job.
Without a need for long columns above the visible ceiling, the often unknown distance above the suspended ceiling is no longer a key concern. The kits include four 7.6m long high-strength aircraft cables (rated at 150 lbs each) and therefore site surveys only need to identify the length of the column extending from below the suspended ceiling, saving time and money.

New Features

Both ceiling kits have above-tile storage options in order to store cables or provide power outlet support. With these build-in locations for mounting power and signal boxes, everything is kept neatly together, hidden from sight, above the ceiling. Repositioning the entire installation is now a breeze. When the projector is replaced with a different model and the lens position has changed, quick adjustments return the installation to its correct position; making the install future proof.
CMS Suspended Ceiling Kits are available now only with Chief Manufacturing.

About Chief

Chief Manufacturing, is a division of Milestone AV technologies, a Duchossois Group Company, and has more than 30 years of proven product and service excellence. Committed to responding to industry needs in the Pro AV, Healthcare, Residential and Office markets, Chief offers a complete line of mounts, lifts and accessories for flat panel displays and projectors.
Chief continues to design innovative mounting solutions that complement the technology they support. With multiple product awards and patented designs, Chief provides unique mount features, and is recognized for delivering not only quality products, but knowledgeable, helpful customer service.
U.S. and Europe sales offices support a global network spanning the Americas, Europe, the Pacific Rim and beyond. Chief distribution centers are located in Minnesota, Hong Kong and the Netherlands.