NuVo DAB&FM tuner

Redactie AV & Domotica | 26 maart 2009
(Ingezonden mededeling)

The NV-T2DAB, for use with NuVo’s Grand Concerto and Essentia E6G multi-room audio systems, delivers unprecedented energy efficiency.

Hebron, Cincinnati – 5 March, 2009 – NuVo Technologies, a leading innovator in multi-room audio, introduces its NV-T2DAB dual tuner, which receives FM and DAB radio broadcasts simultaneously, whilst also being incredibly energy efficient. With two tuners conveniently packaged into this easily-installed single-rack unit, NV-T2DAB users can access any two of these bands at one time. The tuners’ signals can then be distributed throughout a home using NuVo’s Grand Concerto or Essentia E6G multi-room audio systems. Like the Essentia E6G system, the NV-T2DAB and NV-T2FAM deliver a major breakthrough in standby mode energy consumption by using less than one watt of power. Following in the energy efficient footsteps of NuVo’s Essentia E6G system, the NV-T2DAB and NV-T2FAM have qualified for ENERGY STARS in the USA. This accolade ensures consumers are aware they’re buying an energy efficient product, something which NuVo Technologies aims to emulate in the EMEA region.

“The new NuVo DAB Tuner furthers our vision for energy efficiency by exceeding the ENERGY STAR guidelines. We know our products are energy efficient, and we hope to meet the European standards soon so our consumers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa are as aware as their American counterparts that what they’re buying is the best choice,” says David Rodarte, President and Chief Operating Officer of NuVo Technologies. “The tuners are also being delivered to the market in our new packaging standard, which reduces standard packaging materials and has used recycled materials. In terms of operation, the NV-T2DAB maximises the consumer experience by enabling the user to view FM and DAB artist and music title information on NuVo Control Pads.”

Similar to the Grand Concerto and Essentia E6G Control Pads, the NV-T2DAB features an OLED capacitive touch front panel display that is easily viewed in any light, at any angle. Fully compatible with NuVoNet, the tuner connects seamlessly amplifiers and Control Pads that shape the NuVo home audio universe. Menu-driven control allows for straightforward setup, as well as for easy browsing and selection of band or station. The NV-T2DAB delivers metadata such as song titles and artist information to NuVo Control Pads, as well as to supporting third-party automation systems. Additionally, RDS reporting supplies radio station, title and artist information for FM listening. For broad and inclusive reception, only RG6 cables are required; they run from the tuner’s separate FM and DAB outputs to their respective antennas (antennas are not included). Other notable features of the NV-T2DAB include reliable IR reception for remote control, as well as serial RS-232 connection, which enables easy firmware upgrades and allows integration for third-party control. Timed with this, NuVo introduces the NV-T2FAM tuner as a sister product, supporting consumers without interest in or access to DAB. Delivering both AM and FM, this tuner rounds out the offering to fill the variety of market needs.

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