Over Zanden

Established in 1980, Zanden Audio Systems mainly produces and sells audio products that utilize vacuum tubes.

At Zanden Audio Systems, they embrace two driving principles. The first is to reproduce and express music including space as faithfully as possible when it is played back. The second is to create beautiful products, as if they were musical instruments, that are both a joy to own and master and that can be handed down and used successively by future generations.

The circuit technology that forms the foundation of Zanden audio products are completely innovative. It has been patented from original ideas born from intensive review of existing amplifier circuits.

All of the components in their products have been carefully and specially selected with tonal quality and ageing characteristics factored into the design.

Each and every one of these products is painstakingly hand-crafted by artisans and finally adjusted after meticulous sensory evaluation by experts before being delivered to the customer.

It is the heartfelt wish of Zanden Company that the beauty of their products meets more than your full expectations and leaves you thoroughly satisfied. Zanden wishes that all Zanden owners can savor and appreciate the wonder of music through the close-to-perfect, realistic sound output of each Zanden audio product.