Allnic ZL5000

933 x bekeken | geplaatst op 16 april 2022

€ 1.000,-


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Categorie Stroom kabels
Type Allnic ZL5000
Conditie Nieuw
Geplaatst op 16-04-2022


Een topklasse Allnic ZL5000 powercord nieuw.
Lengte 1.80 mtr. Normaal 1900 euro.

Key features of ZL-5000 Power cable:
1. Four Surface Contact of IEC receptacle instead of weak line contact.

Conventional IEC has simple line contact Clip type, which is not suitable to relay big current.
Four surface contact of beryllium copper

2. Bigger gauge of wire; Nickel plated OFC conducts bigger current.
3. Double shielding insures quieter operation.

Aluminium and Nickel copper mesh double shielding blocks out all the noises.

4. Six divided beryllium AC plug with inner high elastic rubber minimizes contact resistance.

Silicon rubber insulation between wires insures high temperature operation and more safety.


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