For Sale: One framed Goldmund Apologue sketch / litho.

1193 x bekeken | geplaatst op 9 juli 2021

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Merk Goldmund
Categorie Boeken
Type Litho
Conditie Nieuw
Bouwjaar 1987
Geplaatst op 09-07-2021


For Sale: One framed Goldmund Apologue sketch / litho.
Dimensions: 51 x 36cm. In mint condition.
This is one of a limited series of 50.

At the time, 1980’s, I used to be the Goldmund distributor for The Netherlands. This sketch was made by the designer, Mr. Claudio Rotta-Loria, as an indication of how the (now famous) Goldmund Apologue would look like.

Text on the Goldmund website:
- Celebrated in 1987 for its unique design by the New York Museum Of Modern Art where it was displayed and for its unique audio quality by worldwide audio enthusiasts who bought one the 50 pairs then produced, the Goldmund Apologue stands forever as a major milestone in the Goldmund history.

Price: € 2,150.00 + worldwide shipping.

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