Harmonix TU-201 tuning insulator set.

310 x bekeken | geplaatst op 13 juni 2022

€ 800,-


Merk Harmonix
Categorie Spikes en voetjes
Conditie Als nieuw
Geplaatst op 13-06-2022


Te koop Harmonix TU-201 tuning insulator set van 4 stuks. De originele en echt iconische "elephant feet". In zeer goede staat en compleet met de doos. Zeldzaam!
Afmeting 12 cm hoog, max diameter 12 cm, gewicht 0,6 kg p/st.

"Harmonix tuning feet are the first step towards the perfect sound. Placed under CD players, turntables, preamps, power amps, and other equipment, these remarkable devices eliminate electronic and mechanical distortion to bring out a depth of sound you didn`t even know was there.
After positioning the tuning feet, turn up the volume and hear the difference: clearly defined instruments emerge with much cleaner edges; the frequency range becomes more balanced, with clarity, richness and sensitivity in the mid range. Vocals snap with more accuracy and immediacy"....
Zie Harmonix/ Combak website.